Greeting Card Scholarship Program

The Greeting Card Scholarship Program is an initiative that aims to thank you for you donation to Las Manos, by providing you with a package of greeting cards that are hand-made by our students. The images below are just a sampling of many varied designs. Most cards are 5 ½ x 4 ¼ inches and come with standard-fit envelopes.

Please order early for best selection and timely delivery. Free shipping and handling to United States Addresses!  Contact James ( with comments and questions or to ask about early bird/bulk card specials.

Roxan, 7 years old

José, 12 years old

Yulisai, 13 years old

Designate your level of giving, and choose your hand-made gift from the options below!

When you donate $30, you will receive 6 cards. For $60, you will receive 15 cards. $90 will get you 25 cards, $150, 50 cards, and when you donate $200, you receive a whopping 70 cards! 

Card Package A - Non-Holiday

Mixed assortment of non-holiday greeting cards - Temporarily Out of Stock - On Backorder.

Card package b - holiday cards with message

30% bonus cards

Mixed assortment of holiday cards with stamped Christmas or Peace messages inside.

Card package C - Holiday Cards without message

Mixed assortment of holiday cards with blank inside.

Level of Giving
Thank You Gift Option