What is it?

The Helping Hands Sponsorship Program allows you to sponsor a child in the El Hato School via a monthly donation to LMdC. For $35 per month, you will help pay for one child's educational costs - including materials, food and health programs - as well as contributing to the running costs and maintenance of Las Manos de Christine.

How will this help my sponsored child?

Education in Guatemala is among the worst in Latin America, and LMdC works to combat this. Your support will help us to improve the school's facilities, the children's hygiene and health, and the teaching quality, as well as providing further teaching in invaluable areas, such as English, communications and technology, music and art. We also have programs for children with special needs, and for scholarships. Our intention is that, not only will we improve the day-to-day school life for the children, but we will improve the quality of their education and their access to it, with the aim of them staying in school to a later age and vastly increasing their prospects later on in life.
In addition to the educational security your donations will provide for your sponsored child, he/she will also benefit on a personal level from having a sponsor. Families tend to be large in Guatemala, and for many children this means they grow up without any extra attention. A sponsor will make them feel special, and this can make a huge difference to their school life and their personal life. 

Will i be able to contact my sponsored child?

Of course! We encourage you to write your sponsored child, to tell them about yourself, and to ask them about themselves. The child will be able to write back - and we will translate the messages between Spanish and English if you would like. We will also keep you updated with their grades, so you will be able to see how they are progressing through their schooling. Furthermore, if you would like to visit, we would be happy for you to come and meet your child in person!

How can I get involved?

Simply fill out this form and we will email you. Payment can be made via bank transfer to Guatemala or the US, or via Paypal.

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